We have been surprised to find out that the site AntonWebern.com has listed our recording of Webern’s Op. 18 alongside the iconic recordings by Pierre Boulez as recommendations for those who love the music of the great composer.  We could not be in better company! Go to the Music Tab of the site,  HERE

Carmen-Helena Téllez and AQUAVA NEW MUSIC STUDIO will collaborate with pianist Natasha Stojanovska in the production of her first CD, on piano music from Eastern European composers, including her own works. Check here for release dates.

KOSMOLOGIA is  an ongoing project  of Aquava New Music dedicated to interdisciplinary projects for musicians with other artists and scholars. As Aquava has resettled its center of operations in the extraordinary city of Chicago, we have and will continue to reach out to artists in all fields to create a series of interdisciplinary projects. Aquava was a pioneer in the presentation of events involving staging, video and other arts with its immersive interpretation of “Le Campane di Leopardi” by composer Yehuda Yannay and “Echoes of Light: Music for Rollins Chapel” by Eric Richards. Kosmologia’s first collaboration in Chicago took place in 2014 at the Bridgeport Arts Center, as part of the immersive work “From Here to There” produced by NON:op Open Opera. It was followed by a collaboration with the Concert Series of the Art Institute and the Latino Music Festival of Chicago.

Our first official independent project focused on the intense music of Pulitzer winner Shulamit Ran. Titled “Music, Courage and Remembrance.,” it counted with the participation of choreographer and dancer Ayako Kato,  installation artist Gwendolyn Terry, and soundscape composer Christopher Preissing, alongside soprano Sharon Harms,  virtuoso pianist Natasha Stojanovska and clarinetist Christopher French. Some of the most talented young singers from the region joined us in this endeavor. Our artists also enjoyed an extraordinary collaboration with the University of Notre Dame in the creation of an original interdisciplinary sacred music drama inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy in October 2016.

Kosmologia will proceed as a research project with artistic collabrations with its specific innovative aims. We look forward to its future groundbreaking projects.