Venetian Envoi for soprano and instrumental ensemble


Venetian Envoi, for soprano and instrumental ensemble. Jessica Roberts, soprano.
Ensemble CONCEPT/21, Nancy Menk, conductor.

Program Note:

Venetian Envoi (A Memory of Venice) is part of a cycle of three settings of poems by Robin Kirkpatrick, that can be performed independently or together. In the three poems, a pervasive use of canons perhaps suggests the concept of memory, time and eternity. In my interpretation of the text, the poet describes the mysterious beauty of Venice, with its ogives and lagoons, until he is overwhelmed by a memory of a lost love: is it his younger self…or another person, already departed?

Duration: Approximately 8 minutes










Venetian Envoi

Turning (no word: these words are none as yet)

who draws new born from indigo – those bruised

lagoons, all breathing nebulae! – a white

more white as, tightening round its ogee, hands

stitch finely old and needle-eyed the lines

that mark the mirror brow and tell time gone?

Arc down (those bright steel brushes being wings)

to ask, when silence sings you to an end,

whose voice that is, young still beyond the mask.

                                                                        Robin Kirkpatrick

Rehearsal and Performance Notes:

Each instrumental and vocal line develops intimations of separate meters, without concern for the others. However, the conductor must keep it all under the control of a single unifying and rigorous tactus without rubato. The last vocalise consists of a paraphrase of an early Baroque Venetian song. The singer is free to add sing-song syllables in the Italian style. We request that the text is distributed to the audience in print or by projected supertitles.

Price: $15.00 for the conductor’s score; $25 for the set of parts; from a downloadable file, per ensemble. A perusal conductor’s score is also available for $2.00

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Venetian Envoi for soprano and instrumental ensemble

Conductor’s score


Venetian Envoi for soprano and instrumental ensemble

Perusal conductor score


Venetian Envoi for soprano and instrumental ensemble

Set of conductor score and parts (soprano,fl,cl,va,piano, vibraphone)