Program Note:

Dreaming/Undreaming is a music art-video commissioned by the Princeton Festival for their virtual edition and premiered on June 17, 2021. The live version is scheduled for the Ear Taxi Festival in Chicago, September 18 and 19, at the Pianoforte Foundation Hall.

Dreaming/Undreaming is inspired by two short stories and masterpieces of Latin American literature that Carmen-Helena Tellez read in her youth – “The Library of Babel” and “The Aleph” – by the Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges. Carmen conceptualized a separate visual and musical experience, an art-music video in which the audience travels between worlds of persuasive dreams and deceptive realities in our daily life, as an homage to the beloved author. The project idea was proposed to her artistic team in Kosmologia, an ongoing project she carries to study the potential of musical co-creation with interdisciplinarity, immersivity and interactivity with an audience. A piano recital moves seamlessly through five original compositions she created specifically for this project in conversation with the music of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750), the master of polyphony. Her artistic collaborators in the creation of Dreaming/Undreaming were Camilla Tassi and Ryan Belock (video artists), Natasha Stojanovska (piano), Alexa Capareda (movement) and Chía Patiño (dramaturgy).

Duration: 53 minutes

Performance Note:

Dreaming/Undreaming can be performed by a solo pianist in a live recital, with or without video projected live by an attendant video projectionist.

The score and video of Dreaming/Undreaming are now available through this page. If performed in public, The Princeton Festival must be acknowledged as the commissioner. If you wish to perform the work with a projected video, order the video files separately.


Dreaming/Undreaming will be available worldwide for digital download and streaming on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, and other major platforms starting on September 17, 2021.

Sample advance track (low resolution):

Tellez’s Promenade 3 (to connect with Bach’s Prelude in B-Flat Minor and Prelude in F-Sharp Major).

To order this score, please write to and place in the subject line:

Tellez – Dreaming/Undreaming

Indicate clearly if you want a Score for Performance and/or Video files for projection

Proceed to pay with PayPal

Dreaming/Undreaming Performing Score

This score contains 5 Promenades by Carmen-Helena Tellez framing a recital of specifically selected Preludes and Fugues from J S Bach’s WTC Book 1. Since this is the result of a research project by Ms. Tellez, performers are not encouraged to use the Promenades intertwined with a different selection of Preludes and Fugues. Dreaming/Undreaming can be played as a recital cycle without the accompanying video. To obtain the video, please refer to the specific item on this page. We request that the Princeton Festival be acknowledged as the commissioner of this work.


Dreaming/Undreaming VIDEO files

The video files and instructions for projecting during a live performance for an authorized period will be the delivered to the performer. The fee purchases the license to pay the video in one performance cycle (i.e., one concert, or a series of 1-3 concerts in a tour).