La grande jatte by Georges Seurat, from the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago

A Dance for Seurat is a piece for orchestra that is part of a special collection commissioned by the South Bend Symphony Orchestra. Its premiere is scheduled for January 9, 2022 under the baton of its brilliant music director Alastair Willis.  The SBSO has conceived a multimedia event, presenting seven short character pieces commissioned to seven composers from the city of South Bend, Indiana. The project pays homage to the iconic painting La grande jatte by French artist Georges Seurat, housed barely 90 minutes away from South Bend at the Art Institute of Chicago, and well-known and loved by the public.  All the composers have chosen a corner of the work to paint with music, while projections and animations of the work will be created by the rising projection designer Camilla Tassi. Carmen will create a dance for the pets of the elegant lady with the parasol–a monkey and a dog. Carmen assumes the monkey is the ancestor of one now owned by her cousin in Caracas…so it will be a Venezuelan dance! The score will be available after the premiere so keep checking for more information here!

Anticipated Premiere: January 9, 2022

Duration: 3-4 minutes


2 (2nd doubling on piccolo) – 2 – 2 (2nd doubling on bass clarinet) – 2; 2 – 2- 0 – 0; Timpani, Perc (1 player), piano; strings (minimum 66442 for the number of players).