Kosmologia will present Dreaming/Undreaming at the Ear Taxi Festival in Chicago

Our sister interdisciplinary project Kosmologia has been invited to present DreamingUndreaming at the exciting Ear Taxi Festival of Chicago, September 18 and 19, 2021.

Originally commissioned by The Princeton Festival for the virtual season of 2021, Dreaming/ Undreaming will be presented in its hybrid version, with the wonderful pianist Natasha Stojanovska performing live to videos projected in real time by their creators Camilla Tassi and Ryan Belock.

Learn more HERE!

To see a glimpse of Dreaming/Undreaming, click HERE

A Podcast with Carmen-Helena Téllez and The Princeton Festival

Aquavá’s artistic co-director Carmen-Helena Téllez was interviewed by The Princeton Festival on different topics concerning women in music, the role of new modes of presentation during the coronavirus pandemic, and her work in inter-artistic composition with Aquavá’s sister project Kosmologia. You can access the podcast throughout the month of June at this link:

The Princeton Festival Podcast